When Seth was a boy there was nothing that he liked more than storytime.


Storytime meant fun and it was a chance to let the imagination fly!

Oh how he journeyed in those days...

Off he flew...off into unknown lands, lands mythical and ancient, far-off and free, through deep forest and crashing sea, to sun-baked island and starlit sky. He sailed with mariners and battled with beasts and swam in the seas of a hundred different seasons. Life was fun and innocent and free.

And then he grew up...

He grew up and discovered the morals and the messages of those stories. He learned about storytelling, that most ancient art form, and he remembered those tales of heartbreak and heroism, of wisdom and woe, of love and longing that have been told down through the ages. The stories that children of all tribes and tongues have been taught and that they have told to their children in turn. Those most ancient of tales.

Then he decided to keep telling them.

Seth graduated from Birmingham School of Acting in 2011 and has worked both nationally and internationally as an actor ever since. God led him within this time to work and teach as a missionary with YWAM in Hawaii, Norway, Kyrgyzstan and Congo.

He has a deep love of the art of storytelling, that most ancient of human traditions, of song, dance, poetry, text, movement and light. He believes in the power and joy of theatre as a medium of provoking new thought, of asking big questions and in the showcasing of truth.

Besides working with Lamps, Seth runs his own theatre company, Dawn Grenade Theatre: